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Feel free to explore the site for fascinating ideas and useful tips on making positive changes to your lifestyle to benefit your wellbeing. If you have specific questions you can post a question on the forum and Dr Julie will try to respond to everyone with some suggestions. A wonderful group of like-minded people seem to have gathered at The-Mind-Doctor.com and offer their support as well.


What This Site is Not

The information on this site does not provide psychological therapy or professional treatment / assessment services. If you are looking for therapy services you can click on Online Therapy or contact Dr Julie Smith by email. This website is for information and entertainment purposes only.

If you suspect that you may have a clinical mental health problem it is strongly advised that you first consult your GP. While I may respond to your emailed questions this is brief generalised information and is not a substitute for psychological therapy or medical treatments. I hope that you will use the information on my site in the same way that you would use information in a book or magazine; as a guideline to help you make small positive changes to your lifestyle. If you are in a state of crisis, please contact emergency services immediately.


If you think you may benefit from one-to-one or online therapy, please click on Online Therapy or contact The Mind Doctor by email.


Thank you for reading. Now please take time to enjoy the rest of the site.




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